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  • Benefits of Split System Air Conditioners

    How does a split system work? Split system air conditioners consist of two units - indoor and outdoor. The indoor unit provides cooling whereas the outdoor unit expels the hot ind...

  • Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioners

    5 Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioners For larger homes or offices, ducted air conditioners are the preferred choice for efficient climate control. While it may be more of an invest...

  • How to Stay Cool in Summers?

    10 tips to beat the heat and stay cool this summer As the mercury continues to rise and heatwaves become increasingly common, we need to learn to protect ourselves from the heat using cost-effective and eco-friendly ways. Here we have listed 10 tips to keep cool and also save money.<...


  • Why is my air conditioner dripping water?

    Is your air conditioner dripping water inside your home? Firstly, turn off the air conditioner so that it doesn’t cause any more water damage. There could be many reasons for a leaking air condi...


  • How bad indoor air quality can affect your health

    Adverse effects of indoor pollution on health We spend most of our time indoors so naturally, our home needs to be a safe space for us. Air pollution and air quality have always been a matter of great concern. But due to the pandemic and the time we are spending indoors, it is equa...

  • Why is regular aircon servicing a good idea?

    Surviving the Sydney summers without an aircon is hard. Efficient air conditioning can make the summers much more tolerable. From keeping yourself cool during summer to staying warm during the winter, air conditioning is ...

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