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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

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Has the harsh Sydney climate wearing you down? It might be time to invest in an aircon to beat the heat/cold.

A ducted air conditioning system offers quiet, unobtrusive, gentle climate control for your whole home or business. At New Wave Air, we supply and install a range of ducted air conditioner units and we can recommend the best solution for your needs.

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What is a ducted air conditioning system?

Ducted air conditioners have a central unit for distributing cooled or heated air via ducts in the ceiling into the different rooms or zones throughout the building. The central unit can be installed in the ceiling or outside your home depending on the design.

Ducted units can be installed almost anywhere - in a house, office or shopping centres and are used to cool or heat large spaces through one aircon unit. The temperature of the rooms/zones can be controlled individually allowing complete customisation. So, if you want one room to blast cooler air and provide a gentle air circulation to another, you can do it with a click on the controller.

Difference between split systems and ducted air conditioners

Split system air conditioners have an indoor cooling unit and outdoor unit consisting of the compressor. Both the units are connected via pipes. Split systems provide cooling or heating in just one room, unlike ducted air conditioners which can cool an entire building through one system.

Both the systems are equally good, the best aircon unit for your needs depends on your requirements and budget.

Ducted air conditioners have a different installation process and require the installation of the ducts. Whereas, split systems sometimes a more straightforward installation process.

Benefits of ducted air conditioning

  • The ducted air conditioning system is barely visible with small vents in each area and a ceiling fitted return air grill. This can offer an aesthetically pleasing option for homeowners and builders.
  • These systems can provide cooling or heating for the entire house and each room can have different temperature settings using the zoning system.
  • They're ideal for maintaining uniform temperature in large spaces.
  • Super quiet operation

What size of ducted air conditioner would be right for you?

The size of ducted air conditioning system depends on your house or building. Choosing the right size ensures the unit works efficiently. The modern ducted air conditioner units are designed to run in cycles to provide a slow cooling effect.

Our air conditioning professionals will asses your building to determine the accurate size of the unit. They have years of experience and can take different factors into account ensuring you get the perfect aircon for your home.

Best ducted aircon installers Sydney

New Wave Air is a specialist dealer of Daikin and Fujitsu air conditioners. We install, supply, repair and provide maintenance services for these and many other ducted air conditioning brands.

Our expert appliance technicians can advise the best aircon unit suiting your budget. Get in touch with New Wave Air and we can help you find the best ducted air conditioning unit for your home, building project or business.

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