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New Wave Air Conditioning
New Wave Air Conditioning

Split Systems - Available in Fixed Speed or Inverter

A reverse cycle split system allows you to cool or heat one room of your home.

There is an indoor unit located on the wall of the room you want to cool or heat.

There are two plastic washable filters located in the indoor unit which require to be cleaned every four weeks. Some brands carry purifying and deodorising filters which require replacing from time to time.

This system operates via a remote control which comes with various timer operations.

There is an outdoor unit that is located outside the house and positioned on a pre made concrete slab. There are cables and wires that will run up the wall on the outside of the house which will be concealed in colour bond trunking that will be matched up to the colour of your existing downpipes if possible. We also fit anti vibration rubber under the feet of the outdoor condensing unit to reduce vibration from the unit and prevent rust on the feet of the unit.

Split System Air Conditioning

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