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New Wave Air Conditioning
New Wave Air Conditioning


Round Grille
Air Conditioner Round Grille

This is the round ceiling grille which can be adjusted manually by turning the centre piece and is very easy to use and clean.

Square Multi Directional Grille
Square Multi Directional Grille

This is for the person who wants full control of the direction of airflow. This grille works best in two storey homes and in homes with high ceilings.

Four Way Metal Diffuser
Four Way Metal Diffuser

This is the traditional metal grille which is non adjustable. This grille looks great in older style homes.

Return Air Grille
Air Conditioner Return Air Grille

Each ducted system comes with a return air grille which has a removable washable filter, which needs to be washed on a regular basis and replaced when required.

Air Conditioner Trunking

There are cables and wires that run from the outdoor unit and up the wall of the house. We conceal these in colourbond trunking which will be matched up to the colour of your existing down pipes if possible.

Zone Control
Air Conditioner Zone Control

We use an individual zone control switch which is purposely built for air conditioning. It clearly identifies the zoned areas.

Return Air Duct

We use an accoustic type return air duct which will reduce any unnecessary noise from the outdoor unit and will keep the unit running in good shape.


All ductwork is R.1 flexible type with a silver foil sleeve inside and out, it is constructed of a polyester type material with a 50mm rated insulation which is also fire rated.

Indoor Unit
Indoor Air Conditioning Unit

There is an indoor unit located inside the roof of the house in which the duct and fittings then connect to. The indoor unit also has a safety drip tray installed to catch any misfortunate leaks.

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is strategically placed outside the home in a well ventilated area. It is either positioned on a pre made concrete slab or bracketed to the wall. We fit anti-vibration rubber under the feet of the outdoor unit to reduce any unnecessary noise or vibration. The outdoor unit does condensate in the winter months.

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New Wave Air Conditioning
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